About Us

Caribe Azul is an independent learning center for children and adults. An alternative education center near Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. We are pioneers, participating in the creation of a new world, transforming and re-creating ourselves continuously.


To create a high frequency learning center in which education enables the children and adults involved to re-connect with their true essence.


To return to our natural state of love, abundance, freedom, and unity with all of Creation. To be responsible human beings, creators of our own destinies, thereby contributing to the highest well-being of humanity and the creation of a new world in unity and harmony with the All.


All of us are beings of Light. Souls who experience life in a material world inside our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

We create our life experiences on the basis of our vibratory frequency, our thoughts, and our actions.

We live in symbiosis with Mother Earth who is reclaiming Her place in the Web of Awareness of the universe.

We are part of a multi-dimensional network, connecting with all there is through our energetic heart.

Simplicity guides us to recognize the best path.


In 2010 we created a learning center, Caribe Azul (CAICA), independent from the traditional educational system.  We began with 15 children in a kindergarten group 4-6 years old. The community that believes in our approach continues to grow. As of 2017, there are now 120 children aged 2-12.

We have achieved an atmosphere of joy, trust, study, healing, and peace.  There reigns an ambience of fraternity and harmony undisturbed by barriers of age or gender. The girls and boys love to come to the Center.

We have noticed a dramatic transformation of negative behavior patterns into peaceful and positive relationships.  We see the children awakening and connecting to their inner wisdom.  We watch them taking into their daily life the tools of conscious living that they learn in the Center in order to create the experiences they want to live.


The foundation of our work is the high frequency that is actively created by all the children and adults involved.

We transform ourselves into beings that identify with their essence and remember who they are, who are able to use their divine gifts and their multi-dimensionality to further their awakening. In this way we also participate in the growth of the web of planetary consciousness and in the awakening of humanity.

Through high frequency we facilitate the learning process. We become aware that we are all one, awakening and transmitting wisdom and knowledge by osmosis into the very core of our beings. In this way we also take part in the transformation of the Earth occurring in this moment, adjusting Her frequency to adapt to new dimensions.