Our Tools


Our starting point is the activation of our own electromagnetic vehicle (Merkaba). With it, we join the process of human awakening, transforming our beings and becoming a vital part of the cosmic community. Abandoning any sense of alienation, we absorb deeply within ourselves the understanding that “We are all one.” We raise our frequency higher and higher to be able to utilize all the information in the universe in its pure, unlimited form. By connecting with our inner crystal, the very engine of our Merkaba, we can access the All. We become responsible for and creators of our destiny. We break the chains by which we have been bound and live in our natural state of love, abundance, freedom and unity.As we live linked to our crystal within, we expand our capacity to identify with the divine being that we are. Raising our frequency through our actions, we develop our intuitive sense of inner guidance and true listening, creating full lives in harmony with the All. Working with the crystals, we use tools and energetic techniques channeled from the very source of our universe. They allow us to experience in our daily life the realization of our potential as divine creators. The tools that we use to construct and strengthen our electromagnetic vehicle are taken from the practices of the School of Conscious Life which is a branch of the International Foundation of Gaiayoga.


We use art as a sensitizing tool to allow the energy of love to flow, creating a frequency of peace inside of us and our surroundings. In our different classes and workshops, we express our essence in creative form. Each individual can experiment for himself, discovering and connecting with his own inner wisdom. We create a relaxed, light atmosphere, full of joy, where laughter allows us to relieve the seriousness and heaviness of life.


Every child is naturally curious, eager to discover his true being inside of a human body, letting himself be profoundly touched by life and creation itself, experimenting and growing. We keep this natural curiosity alive, opening possibilities for the child to explore and experiment. We facilitate his going further than memorizing fixed dates, so that he will be able to formulate individual questions and enter into a profound process of autonomous learning connected to his essence. As if by itself, the veil of manipulation, lies, and misinformation normally taught within the school curriculum of science, history, geology, medicine, is lifted. Any intention by others to keep our consciousness asleep and our behavior docile is thwarted.


From a very early age the children actively participate in all the day-to-day tasks of the Center (gardening, repairing, cooking, cleaning, dishwashing, etc.), thereby developing a sense of independence and autonomy. We create a space in which the children experience the practical activities of daily life, so they can become useful beings who leave traces of their consciousness, overcoming the emptiness of our modern world. Concretely, we experience that we are the creators of our lives, responsible for our actions.


We practice a conscious co-existence with Nature, recognizing that all existing forms of life and matter (such as trees, flowers, animals, rocks, water, the planets) are beings that are part of the Web of Light. Here is a universe of information in which humanity, with its awakening consciousness, can participate and find its place.

We discover the energetic bond that exists between the Earth and ourselves which assures that we constantly rejuvenate ourselves and helps in our process of awakening.


Sharing allows the energy of love to circulate. It opens a space for integrating new information and allows us to achieve greater vision and understanding. Within small groups, we practice sharing from the heart, communicating and verifying our intuition. More and more we open these circles to our community, our country, and the world. We thereby constitute part of the information-filled Web of Awareness, building Bridges of Light between the young people of the new world and speeding up the awakening of humanity.