Conscious Teacher Training

The  Independent Learning Center CARIBE AZUL (CAICA) Offers:

“Reborn Teachers, Reborn Education”

The New World Requires New Teachers.

For years, we have seen with increasing clarity how the schools and educational system have ceased to function. More than that; it seems that the system works against the autonomy and awakening of human consciousness, keeping structures so tight and wasting time that lives of teachers and educators have reached a level of dissatisfaction and frustration such that many are questioning their choice of profession or their personal abilities.

What can we do to create a new situation? We need conscious, brave and passionate teachers. Teachers who want more than to just do the job. Every single conscious teacher can make a difference in his/her classroom, school or community… Changing the consciousness and energy within us makes all the difference, no matter where or what we teach.

Throughout our years at the Learning Center Caribe Azul, we have developed and practice a very practical, simple and grounded Conscious Education Model.  We open the door to authentic experience with a new educational awareness for a new generation of children.

Anyone interested in discovering a new way to interact with children and youth — to teach, connect, and live together — are invited to participate in an intensive program of “unlearning” and then re-discovering the role of adults in the life of children.

We have designed the program for teachers and adults who work with children and young people or hope to do so in the future.  In a comprehensive and practical way we cover all the basic subjects ranging from the energetic world to dynamic methods that create a space of trust and joy in the classroom, so it can turn into a laboratory of exciting discoveries, self-motivated studies and creative expression for children and teachers.





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“Before my time at Caribe Azul I saw teaching simply as my job, something I was obligated to do every day. After years of teaching both middle school and high school in the U.S. I was exhausted and frustrated. I couldn’t decide what to do – I still had this deep passion for educating our youth.

I never could have imagined the changes my life and body would experience when I came to Caribe Azul. Learning to be conscious within my body enables me to connect with my students and my classroom in a way I never thought possible. I wake up every single day excited about what lies ahead. The New Consciousness Model does not only benefit our children, it benefits us as well. I feel like my eyes have finally been opened, and I can’t help but be excited for what lies in the future with this new sense of awareness.”

Natasha Brown, April 2015

This year we do not have a workshop of conscious teacher training. Ask in 2018