Parenting Workshops

Just as schools need to change profoundly, families also need to develop in order to take part in the awakening of consciousness that humanity is experiencing right now. This process is a very personal one. It is one to be undertaken by every individual acting in his role as “father,” “mother,” “ son,” or “daughter”.

In an interactive and practical way, we develop in the parents a process of self-observation. As a consequence, automatic behavior patterns, old structures, and genetic programming are de-stabilized and removed. In this way our relationships in general and especially with our children are profoundly transformed.

The workshops constitute a high frequency space, created to awaken a new consciousness in all aspects of our shared life and in the education of children and adolescents. The subjects are flexible and are generated by the interests of the group.

All parents of the community are welcome to participate, regardless of whether their children are enrolled in our center or not.

This year we do not offer  a workshop for parents. Ask in 2018